Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you a good follower?

I follow a bunch of people on facebook, youtube, instagram… various social media. Twitter too but I am rarely on there as much as the others. I follow a lot of artists and creators in the same trade as me.  I like to see what everyone else is up to. Check out new trends. You know… practice good business. I have two questions. For those who sculpt and create charms with polymer clay, I see all those videos with your charm collections and charm updates. What do you do with all those charms that you have so organized in those
plastic boxes? I love the charm update videos. I am intrigued by the resin work. I am learning from you. So please… what do you do with them once you make them? I sell a lot. I turn them into earrings and necklaces and wear them. My mother wears them. But all I see is charm collections and resin collections. And Please what do you do with those resin tiles?

Second… for those of you who promote on social media (which lets face it, that’s all of us) what is offsetting about other artists that makes you unfollow them? I absolutely adore the work of a fellow artist. And I had to make the call unfollow them because while I follow a lot of people on instagram, my entire news feed was completely filled with them reposting the same picture over and over. Now I know what you are thinking… computer glitch? No. these were posted throughout the day, with different captions and different tags. They filled my instagram. And my facebook. I had to search to find other images. After a just 2 days of this I couldn’t follow this person anymore. I completely admire their work. I will look them up on youtube once in a while but is this extreme? What makes you follow or unfollow an artist? What makes you click that button to start with? What cross the line?

If you can answer one or both of these questions please leave a comment.