Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Age, apps & apathy

Why does no one believe that I'm 28???

At work people think I'm 21. Out in the world people think I'm Jessie's mother. She's 25. Granted people think she's 16. But tell me how I'm both 21 and a mother to a 16 year old???

So there's a few things I still need to situate to make this iPad the most helpful to me here at work, like some apps that don't require Internet. If anyone out there is listening, I. Want a blogger app that you can type a blog offline, and upload it when you reconnect. And I love my weather app. But it needs Internet to load. I wish it would store the last known weather for like 12 hours or something. my iPod weather did.

Also, I'm looking for apps which will help me be more visible with my company. I mean fb is great but guess what... People block you and don't interact unless you post all the time. Guess what... I'm not sure what to post, how to go about it. I mean it will be easier now but I also run into the problem where I don't answer my personal fb account and people are kinda mean about it. It's nothing personal, I'm just not hooked on fb. I don't go on every day. I don't get my messages on my phone. I give my email address out like crazy. Best way to contact me since i have an unpredictable schedule, I work in an answering service, so I have no Internet and can't take personal calls because I take like 100 calls an hour, I can't answer my cell in between calls. I won't give my work number out because my schedule changes from day to day. Either email me or txt me please!!! I have multiple issues with phones and being able to catch people on the phone because I don't work normal hours. I do my best to call people back but I always seem to have problems with that.

Last Friday night

So last night was Friday night. Now I'm the kind of girl who much prefers Friday nights to be mellow, it's not my character to be a barfly or out at the clubs. So last night after 2 close friends had a bad week, and I could use some time out of the house, we went out to buffalo wild wings. I always volunteer to be the driver. I'm not against the drinking. I just don't feel that into it.

So it was interesting. I definitely can't do all nighters anymore. I like my sleep. I Also don't think going out is going to work on days that start at 6am. Nope. I was tired and a little crabby this morning. Well afternoon, I slept until 11. But I had been up for almost 24 hours when I went to bed.

So now I'm sitting at work , minding my business and this woman just called. She woke up cold and realized her window was missing..... Um... Ok. Not broken, gone.

So what's a good Friday night around your place? Do you go out? Stay in? Bar? Movie?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New things are happening

So I'm writing this from my nifty new iPad. I never once thought there was ever going to be a recreational use for me to have one. Then I found myself in the position of out being inconvenient to carry a laptop, and sometimes an iPod touch just doesnt offer the same abilities. I have to say I mainly purchased this for better business with my etsy shop. There's also the ability to take credit card purchases for girl scout cookies!!! I have to admit I know it's new but I like it. I don't have many apps yet. But it allows me the ability to blog when the mood strikes. It will also keep me in better touch with my customers to help me build a better brand!

So what I need from you, my readers (all 3 of you) is to know what you would like to see on this blog. How to make this blog better and more entertaining. I also need topics, as random and as many as possible.