Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pretty Little Train Wreck

As I sit here watching Netflix reruns of pretty little liars, about to fall asleep and second but can't because I have to go catch up on some training for my day job, I flip flop on major life decisions. To move away or just move out? That is the question. 

I have an opportunity to move 8 hours away for a few years. But I'm not sure ill be able to further my education there. It's rather isolated of. A town. I also have hesitations for the loving arrangements. 

I turn 30 this year. I need to make some changes in my life but I don't know if its the right choice. It's a really hard decision. I always planned on this move when the time came. But I didn't count on not having people to rely on at home. I built up a program and its hard enough to let people HELP me but now I can't even rely on someone to fill out a piece of paper. How am I supposed to walk away from something that means so much to me? Children who mean everything to me. I've had both adults and the children tell me that if I leave the kids will leave and the program falls apart. I can't walk away. And I plan on comming back. But at the same time I need distance from other parts of life and I want to go to be with my friend. If i go I have to leave my job where I'm doing great. I have to KNOW this program will be okay and that I will be able to return. Any thoughts?

As a side note... This is hilarious 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm a horrible blogger

I apologize for the fact that not only are my topics random bit so are the times when I blog. Trying to make it a priority has been difficult. But I just need to make it a habit.

In unrelated news! Jessie (the other half of our team) is going to medical school!!! Woohoo! Don't worry. We will still be here to provide quirky knits and craftiness. We are even putting in an application for artist alley at otakon again. I really hope we get picked out of the hat!

I would like to know what you want to read about. I will make it happen! Would you like to see a tutorial? Or a review? Comment below to let me know!