Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seriously? Epically go screw urself.

My father wont go away. He has followed me for 3 hours now. We dont get along,

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Friday, May 13, 2011


So the countdown to the LAST Harry Potter movie is on.

I was surfing around ETSY one day, looking for teams to join and lo and behold... no HP team?
How did that happen? especially when so many artists sell Harry potter items.

So I decided sure... i'd start the team...

turns out, out of all the teams i've founded (i believe i'm up to 3 now) this one is the only on REALLY taking off!

you can find is here:

I think i'm going to roll with it. REALLY trying to make this store as much of a success as i can and part of that is building a solid community around me.

I am also simply tickled when i look at the user names of the people who joined! i've has the same SN since i was 14 (i'm 27) and I don't think I could think up another one if i wanted to. I cant even name my pets. I had a fish named FISH
and hedgies from a rescue and they came with names already!
sheesh... someone help me if i ever have kids! I'll name them kid 1, and kid 2, and get them those sweatshirts from ocean city that look like something from Dr. Seuss!

i just looked at the preview for this post... realized its friday the 13th, and probably the BEST i've felt in a while...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I wrote this for you!

So I was in class, and I couldn't think about whatever ramblings the novice presenters were trying to teach me.

So i was thinking, like my daydreaming ADD self does A LOT

last week, one of my scouts missed a meeting. It was her sisters birthday. Her sister died in a tragic car accident about 3 years ago.

So I send the weird, random gift i made her to school with her friend, another scout. A treasured scout who happens to have been a 1st year brownie my SR year in high school, when I was an LIT.

She said 'how come you never give me anything like this' and i thought.
I dont.
I've done it for her best friend, both sisters that came before her.
but not her.
because i dont ever ever ever want her to grow up and leave.
I'll admit, i take her for granted. I love her to death (in a weird, non creepy way, but in a girl scoutly sisterly way)

I was thinking if I could say anything to her, what would i REALLY say?
because tomorrow doesn't always come.
I dont want her to go off to college thinking I never thought as much of her. When actually i treasured her more.

so I wrote this, and it doesnt being to encompass who she really is.

You are a phoenix
every time you fall
you come back stronger

you have a fire within you
bright, always shining
never burning

you have a poetic elegance
a healing grace
an unchained spirit

you have broad wings
strong in flight
light in the air

you are constantly reborn
refreshed, renewed

You answer to no other
uncaged, free
beauty unmatched

you leave everyone in awe
always challenged
never dominated

you are majestic

End of the Semester

Its the end of spring semester.
Time is limited.
Every moment needs to go towards studying, and finishing assignments.
There is no time to work on my shop even though i try.
we shut down crafting new items a month ago. I hope to resume this the 24th.
There are a bunch if items i havn't had time to photograph and list. I can't wait.

Because its the end of spring semester, I can't take summer classes because financial aid wont cover it.
which means the $200 in my bank account must stretch me all the way until SEPTEMBER
so if you have a chance, please, PLEASE stop by my etsy shop ( and purchase SOMETHING. because i can't even afford to relist the items if they dont sell before they expire.

This wouldn't be a problem if I had a job.
Thank you Mr. Economy for now having me out of a job for so long people think i'm unhireable.
so i'm putting everything into this etsy store this summer. it's my mission.

also this summer, since i have virtually nothing to do (ok, so etsy can infact take up a lot of time, and you get out of it what you put into it, but I can't live for etsy) I am going to have small Girl scout meetings over the summer. weekly meetings, just a slightly different (and longer) time. I think since we have 17 teens, and almost ALL of them are brand new, never been in scouts, it might be good. I also lined up 10 bake sales for the summer. once a week at the free concerts in the park! HOPEFULLY i can make the troop a little money. problem? no one is donating the baked goods so i have to be really careful, and really thrifty, yet creative to make yummies.

i'm open to ideas on how to promote and sell my stuff on ETSY