Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Started Yesturday

so back to another semester. And i'm really determined to find something that in the past i'd hoped would just fall into place. Balance. Apparently its alot of hard work to have balance between school and the rest of life.

I fully believe this card I saw once...

Good Grades, a job, a social life .... welcome to college pick 2...

I had the job and the social life and god bad grades. I have no job and no social life so I should be ok right? No not really... I have 4 classes this semester and 10 text books plus TONS of books and articles on reserve in the library...

my goal is to not let school take over my life and to keep up on my etsy store with new creations. otherwise I will get frustrated and run away from all my school work from being tired of it.

Social life? I'm slowly getting back in touch with my best friends who I abandoned for college... but i've been in college for so long my best friend has an 8 year old going into 2nd grade that I BARELY know. thats sad. Its pathetic.

So... anyone have any tips on how to soak up the knowledge into my head and retain it long enough to not be lost and confused in class? Anyone?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mailed off two more custom buttons today. Had a plesant enjoyable day which was instantly ruined and now im going to b

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I hear that the best way to promote your store is to get out there in chats, and forums and post your stuff everywhere.


I hate forums. I absolutely don't understand forums. When I expressed this to my forum obsessed friend she informed me "its just like a chat room, but for ADD people because it just continues when you leave"

Chats? when do you see me chat. you wana talk to me? text me. call me. Email me. Don't sit there waiting for me to apply to some thread on a forum

its a waste of time to me. I can't even remember what forum I was on to go back and read the threads, and to me the layouts are just all screwy on forums. To boxy. I mean, I dont notice stuff on forums but I sure see stuff i like and buy stuff 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Otaku, or not to Otaku... That is the question

So... I'm still jobless, and by jobless I mean paycheckless. I have plenty to do that I'm not even sure how a job would fit into my schedule... But I sure do miss that paycheck!!!

So I spent the first half of my summer, cleaning, planning valerie's Birthday party, cleaning for vals party, and every day i'd spend a good 3-4 hours cleaning up after people in my house, and cooking dinner for them.

I left for 2 weeks to go house/dog sit.... it was nice, relaxing, rejuvenating. I cried when I had to come back home. Thats sad, i know. Since I came home, i've given up cleaning up after people that aren't me. I still cook because I love to cook, and if I dont cook dinner we end up with frozen chicken patties, or hot dogs... ew.

So last weekend I relisted a bunch of stuff on Etsy, and instantly has a $20 order. YAY. Now... if we could get that on a weekly basis i'd be so happy. I havn't had a sale since. It took me all week to get a few button designs printed and made into buttons. It took me DAYS because of the chaos and disorganization of the room I need to do this. and my dad CONSTANTLY bugging me about buttons, and his fascination with everything i'm doing is bordering child abuse i swear. I can't even breathe in this house anymore.

Back to my point... Otakon 2010 just passed and while a lot of people I know attend, I have never attended!!!! This is something I am both proud of, but at this moment it worries me. We are considering getting a table in Artist Alley to sell alot of the things we sell in our Etsy store, but since we have never seen our competition out in artist alley, I feel directly in the middle of this choice....

if anyone out there has an opinions PLEASE let me know. If we go ahead and do this, and get a table in February when they go up, then we will start building stock to cater to our otaku friends. But until then we are being very conservative with our resources because... well we are 2 broke college students.

SOMEONE review our etsy shop and let us know. Jessie is working on a bunch of new patterns for arm warmers which we are kinda counting on them being a big seller.

I wish i was the kind of person who had the financial resources to take this kind of risk. My heart wants to do it even if it is a huge flop. But financially, we can't afford that....