Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Started Yesturday

so back to another semester. And i'm really determined to find something that in the past i'd hoped would just fall into place. Balance. Apparently its alot of hard work to have balance between school and the rest of life.

I fully believe this card I saw once...

Good Grades, a job, a social life .... welcome to college pick 2...

I had the job and the social life and god bad grades. I have no job and no social life so I should be ok right? No not really... I have 4 classes this semester and 10 text books plus TONS of books and articles on reserve in the library...

my goal is to not let school take over my life and to keep up on my etsy store with new creations. otherwise I will get frustrated and run away from all my school work from being tired of it.

Social life? I'm slowly getting back in touch with my best friends who I abandoned for college... but i've been in college for so long my best friend has an 8 year old going into 2nd grade that I BARELY know. thats sad. Its pathetic.

So... anyone have any tips on how to soak up the knowledge into my head and retain it long enough to not be lost and confused in class? Anyone?

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