Friday, September 30, 2011

day whatever-mainstream music

so i didn't number my day's and i've already lost count. I'll label my planner tomorrow...

so mainstream music: to processsed, too flashy, trying too hard.
at the same time i listen to it, like it, but prefer those who are in it for the music, the art, not the performance.

I have a very VERY diverse musical palate. I think that boy bands might have a good sound, and maybe 1 or 2 good hits but for the most part.... they are a fabrication of a bunch of people who want to 'make it' in the biz and some rich producer trying to make a buck. They don't last for a reason.

I am also picky. I love some songs based on lyrics. Some songs based on sound... and some songs just blow. I really think, with my whole heart, the make it or break it point in a song is the bridge. However, most mainstream music doesn't have a bridge, let alone a good one. I realized back in the 9th grade listening to the new band HANSON and realizing the bridge was IT.

I also disagree with the fact that people play a bad song so many times it grows on you... it sucked the first time, chances are people are only listening because of WHO is singing, not how it sound, or what it is about.

so I am going to ask you guys out there in bloggerville, what's your favorite non-nostalgic song and why?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

day 5-Things you want to say to an ex

Well, this is easy.


Today just happens to be his birthday, and I hope it's an awesome one!

sorry it's not more juicy and vile but I don't have anything negative to say!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

day 4: Bullet your day

* wake up
*rummage for appropriate clothes
*bandage foot (i got blisters yesturday)
*go downstairs
*fight with house computer
*computer wins
*deal with val's cat that wouldn't let my cat to litter box in time
*clean up cat pee
* go to car with Jessie
*pick up Ashleigh
*meet Rhonda for lunch to discuss mother's club
*drop Ash @ rec center
*stop at rite-aid to get jess water
*drop jess @ library
*come home
*put on bumy clothes
*remember to start bulleting my day
*read email, get lost while surfing internet
*gather laundry
*take laundry to main floor
*pick up val @ work
*come home carry laundry to basement
*val's clean clothes are covering the dryer, and in front of dryer, wait 20 min for her to come get them
*take vals clothes out of dryer and put in basket she just HALF emptied
*put vals other clothes in dryer
*spend 45 min looking through large bins of craft stuff
*return to main floor
*fix drink, i'm thirsty
*go upstairs to room
*read assignments for school
*IM michelle
*turn on music
*work on homework
*be interupted by val
*back to work
*interupted by dad
*i've lost me focus
*interupted by mom
*forget it.... HW's a no go today... crap i'm behind
*send a few important emails and texts trying to collect everyone's cookie numbers
*text jessie
*explain to mom why my sister's cat is bad
*pick up jessie from library
*come home, dinner's ready... yucky
*watch Ozzy lose surviver challenge while jessie eats
*come upstairs
*discuss my day with jessie
*cry, complain, then she cheers me up
*console her for my insanity
*type this list
*eat dinner so Jessie isn't mad for me not eating
*go to bed.
*nighty night!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 3-a book you love

well now... i havn't read much else besides text books for a few years and it's really killed my love of reading to the point where i find difficulty in reading. I've been reading Jane Eyre for 3 months now and am barely reaching the mid-point... don't tell me what happens, netflix taunts me enough reminding me every time i turn it on that it's waiting in my queue for when i finish the book.

I will have to say my all time favorite book is the True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. I don't know why but this book has stuck with  me, and the only book other than the Little House series and Harry Potter that i have read more than once. This book is about a girl's comming of age story, when she starts as a lady on a boat and through a series of events goes from daity high society girl to rugged ship captain. When she put her dress back on and meets her parents on shore i just remember her mother's horror that her hands looked like they had seen work, and her skin too much sun.

i love comming of age stories, i dont know why, and i didn't realize it until i watched so many movies netflix created that as my most popular genre. I also love socially defiant women who push boundaries and live life for themselves, finding their own passions.

it counts... because i havnt been to sleep

i know i know... day 2 of a 30 day challenge and i'm already late right? well no, because i got home late and instead of typing this as 10ish... it's 1:30is...

blame the scouts.

So today is Challenge day 2: something you feel strongly about

well since today IS my most stressful day of the week i'm going to go with:

people need to stop thinking they are the center of the universe. and yes, i feel strongly about it.

Dear C, the sun does NOT shine out of your daughter's butt. I also think that you sincerely have Munchausen by proxy. you fabricate stories about your daughter to try to get a rise out of me, when you don't get it you broadcast your 'private' info to everyone until someone goes OMG tell me more. Your daughter clearly plays along to GET your attention because she wants you. She needs you. She doesn't have a headache until you TELL her she doesn't feel good. She likes her hot dog just fine until you tell me she likes it burnt. Then she goes away hungry because she thought that's what you wanted from her and she couldn't eat it.

Dear B, little b is just like you. don't tell me that little b isn't used to 'these kinds of girls'. baby YOU ARE one of these girls and i'm sorry but go away.

Dear J, your ass, get off it. you aren't better than the others who also want a break. Why don't I get a break? Why don't I get to sit down? why dont I get to eat my dinner when it's convenient? no... i get to eat while running around setting up, helping other, answering questions that in theory... by now... my CAT can do this stuff.

Dear A, you are lazy. you think you are too good to do half the work of everyone else. What's with that? Also... whats with name calling everyone else?

Dear V, you work a 20 hr a week job. Guess what, i work a 50 hr a week job called college. You make good money. I make none. I craft as a business in which i am attempting to run successfully. You craft as your 'me time' 'down time' 'awake and not at work time' also... how can you ALWAYS be the last one to clean out the litter box? ALWAYS? when i'm SO sure i've cleaned it since you, maybe not as the last person but SINCE you.

Dear K, guess what... you annoy me more than anyone else on the planet. you aren't so special you need 4 women to wait on you hand and foot. I'm not your maid. I'm not your cook. I'm not your anything.

Dear L, get over yourself. notice what you DIDNT get from me... the one thing you were so sure everyone was going to give you.

Dear L, why do you intentionally make a big deal out of small things just to have others coddle you and make you feel better. stop it. Your not new to the group anymore and this crap needs to stop. You are not so special that you need everyone you interact with to stop what they are doing and baby you. I'm not gonna carry you through life. I taught you how to walk now stop sitting on the floor throwing a tantrum. Get up and walk

Dear F, how come the only reason i ever hear from you is when you need something? are you so darn good you walked away from your family? oh... how nice, i can call you? well you know what? i dont have your number and mine hasn't changed in 30 years... and you've had it memorized that long.

So guess what... I got to rant AND fulfill my challenge! I feel strongly that people need to be more humble! Stop being full of yourself people.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 day challenge-Day 1

I decided i'm going to do some challenges here and there. To start i'm going to do a 30 day getting to know me challenge. I am not sure who originated the list i'll be working off of, but i've seen it in multiple places so... thanks whoever you are.

Now, tomorrows monday and we all like to start our new projects monday morning... diet starts january 1st right? i dont believe in new years resolutions because i think that's just a socially acceptable form of procrastination and i'm trying to NOT procrastinate. Tomorrow never comes.


Day 1: 5 ways to my heart...

well this one's a little difficult for me and i am not sure why...

1: be comfortable with yourself. Be honest with yourself about who you are and know your strengths and limits.

2: Challenge me. I thrive most when challenged by others. It pushes me further, past my previous boundaries.

3: don't try to control me. Don't ever tell me what i can and cannot do, it's a sure way to make me do it anyway.

4: support me in all my endevors. I have many goals and interests and things i want to do. Don't dimish it, just support me.

5: Be handy. Know how to do something. Whether it's make an awesome dinner or fix the plumbing, know how to do something relevant to daily life, and contribute.

annoyance times 10

so having had a semi-productive day where some people and things got in my way of truely finishing what i set out to accomplish (ie: this blog should have been posted 14 hours ago) i decided to make a list of 10 of my most prevelant pet peeves. This doesn't mean these are the 10 that bother me the most, although my number 1 IS on the list. They aren't in any kind of order.  so here it goes:

1.    People who mumble. I think I’m losing my hearing. But honestly I think people just mumble too much which makes me THINK I’m losing my hearing.

2.    When you have to walk out of the shower naked because you forgot to bring a towel with you. Especially since the linen closet is in my sisters room.

3.    People who call but don't leave a message. I’m a busy person. If you don’t find it urgent enough to leave a message, I don’t find it urgent enough to call you back. Also I spend most of my day in a building with no phone signal at all, so chances are it won’t tell me I’ve had a missed call but it WILL tell my I have a message.

4.    When coffee spills out of the top drinking hole of lids on to-go coffee cups. This also applies to those soda cups at the drive through, and come to think of it, soda cans also.

5.    Broken spines on paperback books. I was raised with great reverence for a book and to treat it with respect. Yet somehow people seem to ruin my books by cracking the spine. WHY? I always feel like they owe me a new copy of the book. 10 seconds in some people’s hands and the book is damaged.

6.    When people don't flush the toilet. Or clean up after themselves in any hygienic way. Such as: don’t leave your hair-brush on my dinner table. Don’t leave your nasty sweaty baseball cap on my kitchen counter. Don’t leave your dirty tissues, dirty dishes, dirty laundry laying around the house. In fact… just get out because I spend too much time cleaning up all the dirt you leave around…

7.    People who interrupt you to correct your grammar/speech, paying no attention to the point your are trying to make. I mean can’t you just get over yourself for the 30 seconds it takes to tell you something?

8.    Family members who do not talk to you for years, but when they need or want something, act like nothing happened. Conversely, family members and ‘friends’ who don’t talk to you but expect you to magically know what’s happened since your last communication. Here’s the rule of thumb… if you didn’t tell me, then I don’t know. Don’t rely on someone else to gossip to me about your life.  I don’t read your mind and since we never talk assume I don’t know anything.

9.       People who are toxic. Those people who suck the life out of you, ‘emotional vampires’ who thrive off of complaining to you, and making you miserable. Those people who in every aspect get in your way of living physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Those people who you can’t seem to get rid of that make it impossible for a person to grow, and thrive and be a responsible, organized person.

10.   When people feel the need to justify every thought as if you are discrediting them, when all you are doing is listening. Just because I don’t get emotionally worked up (happily or angrily) does not mean I’m angry, it just mean that hey… I accept you as my friend enough to actually value your input to the discussion so please…. Don’t explain EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of WHY you think that your answer is good enough. It was good enough for me to ask your opinion in the first place.

What's some of your pet peeves?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain rain GO AWAY!!!

I can't take this much rain.

My classroom has flooded 4 times this summer. It has alot fo damage, i already have to fix the floor. NOW i have children in there once a week and i can't jeopardize their safety with water damage. I've been on mold patrol and have nipped that in the butt. But now as it's been raining all day, i can't help but think WHEN WILL THIS STOP?

We have had a slow soaking rain all week, now it's pouring.


also, contact me if you are interested in donating to my Girl Scout Classroom renovation fund to protect the children from this damage

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hedgie Fun

As i'm sitting here, on this brisk morning, holding a slightly overchilled hedgie warming her in my lap, i'm strongly aware that i took pics and video of hedgies months ago to post a blog and never posted it!

These are my hedgies. The one staring at you is Gidget, she's a cinnocot color, maybe even apricot colored. The black and white snowflake pinto one giving us the butt, is Gypsy.
Both are females and were adopted from the Hedgehog Welfare Society, through the Rescue in Waldorf, Maryland. It was about an hour or 2 drive down to get these girls but it has been amazing.

I was only going to get one hedgehog, I never dreamed of getting 2. I settled on Gidget, she was so small, she was very underweight, and a little shy but very lovable. My best friend went with me that day to help me pick one out, and she absolutely fell in love with Gypsy, she was the friendliest, most active hedgie i've ever seen. To this day she's not capable of curling into a ball. She can puff out her quills just fine, but she can not ball up.

So since they are both female, and had previously been housed together, we ventured to get both. Both i believe are texas tumbleweeds. One was born in texas, and the other was born after her mother was rescued in texas. read this horrific story to see where my hedgies came from.

I adopted them both in June 2010.

In their playpen you can see that the favorite toy is the tube. That's right all you newbie hedgehog owners, the best toy you can give them is a toilet paper tub.  Gidget is napping after what can only be described as hedgies playing star wars.

Since they are rescues, they are special needs, like any puppy you get at the pound that was mistreated, or just dropped off by its owner and is mistrusting. Both of these girls were underweight and having trouble with eating.

As it turns out, Gypsy is just a picky eater. I switched to babycat immediately since it's higher in fat content to bulk up the hedgies. Gypsy immediately gained weight and has been fine ever since. Maybe even borderline plump.

Gidget however, has been a little more difficult. She was eating the babycat okay, but wasn't gaining as fast. I supplemented her diet with meal worms and she quickly gained. If i didn't give her meal worms for a few days she just as quickly lost it. She doesn't hold on to her body weight so i have to feed her a high fat diet, which worries me since hedgies are prone to fatty liver.
Gidget is missing most of her teeth. She has a few in the front and a few on her right side. Her left side has no teeth. She tries her hardest to eat. I soak her baby cat to make it soft and she loves it. She also has no problems crunching down even a super worm (which can be dangerous if feed to a hedgie wrongly, so be responsible!)

I had to buy a ceramic heat bulb to put over their cage because gidget gets so chilly so easily. While gypsy woke me up several times last night beating things with her tube, and running on the wheel, gypsy didn't move. Which is why she's sitting here with me warming up.

Here is a video i took of them one day while they were in their playpen. if it looks like the video is frozen or not playing, look again... it's still playing.

insomnia mania

So i can't sleep.
technically its 2:30 AM on saturday. Friday i essentially got nothing done. No pics edited, no listings listed, no blog posted and no facebook update. Why? because i went to the store and by the time i got back it was time to leave again... so much for setting aside assigned time to work on this stuff!

Anyway, i wanted to share what i got goin on.

I made these little harry potter charms/pendants a while back, i just wasn't sure what to do with them. I was trying to get them earring sized but alas.... they would be mis-matched earrings since i'll never get another set the same size.

What should i do with them?

They are about an inch tall.
They would make awesome necklaces....

or earrings. Think about it... Dumbledore/Snape Harry/voldemort Ron/hermione... and no one wants draco.... lol.  OH LOOKIE... thats how i lined them up!

I just noticed the glare makes harry look one eyed. I assure you it's there. you know what's not there? HIS GLASSES!!! i envisioned him without glasses in the clay, and simply i wasn't puting many features on. but now i find he looks odd... maybe i'll fix that!

I'm still open to suggestions.

sometime in the wee hours i did manage to get this dollie listed!

you can find that link here

I am also looking for set up ideas for a bazaar. Maybe a future post...

now maybe i'll get some sleep, and start this all over again in the morning!

nighty night!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

something weirder this way comes

In the last month we have had above 90 degree weather, an earthquake (which never happens on the east coast) a hurricaine, massive rain falls and flooding, and now it seems we are getting a taste of fall with our chilly damn evening. Can't say we aren't diverse here in Maryland. Inspired by todays chilly weather and a friend, I made a coffee based Treasury here.

now someone bring me some coffee please?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

stormy night...

so theres non-stop thunder outside...
my computer keeps freezing every time i see a huge flash of light
and it looks like a strobe light is sitting outside my window

so i decided my last blog sounded a little harsh. I'd like to point out i combined my feelings for 6 different people into a rant, and i dont think that can be distinguished,  although no one reads this blog so its not that bad. But i do mean every word i said.

so today i was told to QUIT scouts.
so heres the deal

we need to do some work on the house, i'm a grown adult, willing and capable of helping. actually more capable than my parents. my father wants to take a day off work to put up some vinyl siding. he wants help.
he wants me to help him with this. Thats cool. really.

well FRIDAY i have school AND a girl scout sleepover. I dont have them too often but it's the back to school one to get the year jump started.

MONDAY i have my first meetings. They run from 4-5:30 and 7-8:30. add clean up and set up i'm there from a minimum of 3-9. So add in the fact that my classroom has flooded 3 times this summer and hasn't been completely put back together yet, and i'll be there all day. either way i have to be ready to be there by 3, which means i need time to get my act together and get there.

so he tells me i need to give something up. because i never have time to handle my responsibilities in the house hold. he wants me to quit scouts.

normally i'd agree with this logic. EXCEPT THAT.


who's side are you on?

also, my shower has been broken for the last 13 years also. you can't take a SHOWER. you can wash yourself off with a shower hose though. well the shower hose broke and we need to replace a piece of piping in the wall. instead of allowing it to be fixed, my mother suggested me to wash my hair outside with the garden hose. oh no.. dont' worry, she'll hook it up to the sink so i get warm water!

i put 20-25 hours into school each week. i NEED to be putting 40-60, but my parents won't allow that. gee, i wonder why i'm FAILING everything.

i put in at least 2 hours hard core doing stuff for the house a DAY

i put in maybe 5-10 hours into scouts a week, INCLUDING meetings, and depending on whats going on
keep in mind, i'm the leader of one troop, assistant to another, cookie manager for both, and responsible for paperwork for both.

i DONT have a job because i can't get hired anywhere. I try, i put in several hours a week filling out applications.

i spend 4 hours a day driving to and from school.

i cook dinner almost every night. if i'm not there to cook 'family' dinner then i'm on my own, so i cook SOMETHING every night.

i am the only one in the house who cleans

i'm the designated taxi driver for everyone else in the house

i am trying to run a business, trying to make a dollar here and there to help me pay me bills but i can't get the business to be so successful right now because if i'm crafting something to sell then i'm 'wasting time/goofing off/not doing anything important' and should be doing something REAL.

so excuse me if i'm not in a hurry to drop my life to put up some siding. it was started when i was in middle school, and should have been done years ago.

also... i'd like to add most of my time each day is WASTED by dealing with their bull shit.

it takes me an hour to cook 3 minute ramen because i have to clean the stove, counter, and pot i'm using. because my house looks like a dump. i'm jealous of sandford and son. at least they had plumbing.

i also have horrible asthma which takes its toll on me, and wears me out quickly. i dont have health insurance so i can't afford my $300 per month prescriptions. so lets pray i dont get sick.

wait... i spent last week BLOWING OFF school, and scouts to work outside and got a lung infection!
so i'm coughing, i'm tired, and i am BEHIND in everything.

oh, and lets not forget smoke and dust are the WORST triggers for asthma. along with cats.
cats dont bother me, in a clean house.

we havn't had a working vaccume cleaner in 9 years. the floor hasn't been vaccumed at all in a year, when i did it with a hand vac. the whole house. and i find it sad the not one person in this house besides me has a problem with is staying like this. plus my dad thinks its ok to smoke in the house if i'm not there. alot of times he forgets i'm here.

SOMEONE hire me, so i can get FAR away from this place. i'd rather work at Mc D's for the rest of my life paying rent at some shitty apartment than living here. too broke to move.


Message me if you have a job offer...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend!

With the close of the last harry potter movie, our harry potter buttons have been selling like crazy!

The last time i saw my extended family a few weeks ago, i was riding as a passenger in a car, and was crocheting a ruffle on a scarf, it turned out really nice but no one could understand what i was doing. So my mother tried to explain that we have a store on etsy, and we make stuff and sell it, and i was making a novelty scarf that looks like a tossed salad. Thats right, a salad.

So after everyone begging, and pleading at the labor day picnic I took a box full of earrings, and some yarn projects i have in the works to show them, and explain to them. I ended up selling 5 pairs of earrings, and then taking 2 more custom orders and possibly booking a church bazar. Not a bad day.

Our store had a huge surge of sales last week, 2 go out of the country so i need to pick up some customs papers for mailing. OH, and i'm working on a custom order, and she has amazing taste!

so that's whats up with that.

Also, me and my 2 closest friends, (one who is a seasoned crocheter and kniter, and one who learned to crochet about 2 months ago and already has surpassed my abilities and aspirations) have come to the whole hearted belief that when you buy a pattern book to crochet something, the patters have been altered. for example, the book says to stich 26 stiches but expects you to have 42 at the end of the row.

Childrens hat's patterns come out too large.
Small crochet food comes out weird.
and this is consistent, not just a flaw in creation, or misreading directions. our creations all follow the same pattern, and come out the same, but look VERY different than what the patter promises.

on a totally different note, its time to start up scouts again.

have a back to school sleepover this weekend.
I like sleepovers, easy to plan, non-expensive, and close. camp is so far away, we have to buy all this food, take all this gear, set up, then we turn around and bring it all back home. I'm hoping to remedy that feeling this year. I am not sure why camp seemed more like a burden this past year than the fun happy time it usually is for me.

I'm trying to delegate like i'm supposed to be, but it's hard.
You are supposed to play the giveaway game.
me and my co-leader are very dependant on each other, we work well together, it's very spoiling. we see each other often so we discuss, have random ideas, and random shopping trips to get things. we try things out. we have alot of the same interests in expirimenting and triyng new things, and our teaching approach is consitant and unified. well she's leaving in a year to go to medical school. So not only do i need to give away the way to many responsibilities i have, but i have to find someone to train and take over for my partner in crime. I was hoping our assistant leader would step up, and she said she would when asked but then this past week is having her doubts about even returning.

I'm fine if someone wants to join, or leave, or whatever. Just PLEASE be honest. I  don't like surprises. It was horrible this summer, there HAS to at all times be 2 adults with the children. That's kind of hard to do when your assistant doesn't show up, texts you 5 minutes before the meeting starts saying they aren't comming, or just doesn't say anything at all. I need help i can rely on. Help i can KNOW will show up ready to help. Help that will show up at all. Last year I had my co-leader and 2 assistants. but it became unrelyable because i never knew which leaders would show up. Half way through the year the junior troop met with us because that had a lack of participation on the end of the girls. It was just a really small troop, and she was going to bridge to my troop anyway, so they just met with us. The leaders were invited to co-lead with us so they wouldn't be cheated and it sounded great in theory, more help. so we had 6 adults. and some of them were more of a distraction to the meeting. more than once i had to walk out of the meeting because i had lost my patience with adults. Adults who should participate actively, share their ideas, be respectful, and uphold all the values of girl scouting. not ones who favor their neices, or chit chat with the kids, answer their phones loudly (even though they are prohibited) and promote less than girl scoutly behavior. a joke here and there is welcome, fun is welcome, but don't teach the girls how to vandalize.

I need someone to co-plan meetings, lesson plans and events.
i need someone to assist in shopping
i need someone to manage the finances and keep detailed records
i need someone to keep the badge records and update them weekly
i need someone who can take over in my absence
i need someone i am comfortable with their ability to teach interactively
i need someone willing to be active with the kids.
i need someone willing to learn from the kids.
i need someone to help foster leadership
i need someone to advise on sensitive personal issues for the kids
i need someone to advise on higher awards (silver, gold)
i need someone who is willing to spend more than the time IN the meeting each week.
And each thing can be covered by a different person.
we are in fact a team.

i need reliability, accountability, and dependability above all.

i need someone who is also independant and can make responsible decisions on their own.

If your hearts not in it, thats okay. just don't toy with me, don't string me along.
I mean, i can find people to help, but i need the people who are going to work with me to actually work with me. If i know ahead of time i can plan accordingly, but to flake out last minute is a ball-less move. Sorry, but why when you have been told JUST LET ME KNOW AND ILL MAKE ARRANGEMENTS, would you STILL not let me know, and leave me stranded, unprepared, BREKAING THE LAW because i dont have backup, and short-handed.

I'm getting the feeling i should have broken this into 2 blogs.

I should probably hop off here, bitching just makes me remember more things i'm irritated with.

maybe i'm too forgiving. I mean just because i say its ok, maybe it's not. maybe i should be like no bitch, its not ok you didn't show up. instead of its ok THIS TIME, just don't let it happen again. maybe then people wouldn't blow me off.