Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend!

With the close of the last harry potter movie, our harry potter buttons have been selling like crazy!

The last time i saw my extended family a few weeks ago, i was riding as a passenger in a car, and was crocheting a ruffle on a scarf, it turned out really nice but no one could understand what i was doing. So my mother tried to explain that we have a store on etsy, and we make stuff and sell it, and i was making a novelty scarf that looks like a tossed salad. Thats right, a salad.

So after everyone begging, and pleading at the labor day picnic I took a box full of earrings, and some yarn projects i have in the works to show them, and explain to them. I ended up selling 5 pairs of earrings, and then taking 2 more custom orders and possibly booking a church bazar. Not a bad day.

Our store had a huge surge of sales last week, 2 go out of the country so i need to pick up some customs papers for mailing. OH, and i'm working on a custom order, and she has amazing taste!

so that's whats up with that.

Also, me and my 2 closest friends, (one who is a seasoned crocheter and kniter, and one who learned to crochet about 2 months ago and already has surpassed my abilities and aspirations) have come to the whole hearted belief that when you buy a pattern book to crochet something, the patters have been altered. for example, the book says to stich 26 stiches but expects you to have 42 at the end of the row.

Childrens hat's patterns come out too large.
Small crochet food comes out weird.
and this is consistent, not just a flaw in creation, or misreading directions. our creations all follow the same pattern, and come out the same, but look VERY different than what the patter promises.

on a totally different note, its time to start up scouts again.

have a back to school sleepover this weekend.
I like sleepovers, easy to plan, non-expensive, and close. camp is so far away, we have to buy all this food, take all this gear, set up, then we turn around and bring it all back home. I'm hoping to remedy that feeling this year. I am not sure why camp seemed more like a burden this past year than the fun happy time it usually is for me.

I'm trying to delegate like i'm supposed to be, but it's hard.
You are supposed to play the giveaway game.
me and my co-leader are very dependant on each other, we work well together, it's very spoiling. we see each other often so we discuss, have random ideas, and random shopping trips to get things. we try things out. we have alot of the same interests in expirimenting and triyng new things, and our teaching approach is consitant and unified. well she's leaving in a year to go to medical school. So not only do i need to give away the way to many responsibilities i have, but i have to find someone to train and take over for my partner in crime. I was hoping our assistant leader would step up, and she said she would when asked but then this past week is having her doubts about even returning.

I'm fine if someone wants to join, or leave, or whatever. Just PLEASE be honest. I  don't like surprises. It was horrible this summer, there HAS to at all times be 2 adults with the children. That's kind of hard to do when your assistant doesn't show up, texts you 5 minutes before the meeting starts saying they aren't comming, or just doesn't say anything at all. I need help i can rely on. Help i can KNOW will show up ready to help. Help that will show up at all. Last year I had my co-leader and 2 assistants. but it became unrelyable because i never knew which leaders would show up. Half way through the year the junior troop met with us because that had a lack of participation on the end of the girls. It was just a really small troop, and she was going to bridge to my troop anyway, so they just met with us. The leaders were invited to co-lead with us so they wouldn't be cheated and it sounded great in theory, more help. so we had 6 adults. and some of them were more of a distraction to the meeting. more than once i had to walk out of the meeting because i had lost my patience with adults. Adults who should participate actively, share their ideas, be respectful, and uphold all the values of girl scouting. not ones who favor their neices, or chit chat with the kids, answer their phones loudly (even though they are prohibited) and promote less than girl scoutly behavior. a joke here and there is welcome, fun is welcome, but don't teach the girls how to vandalize.

I need someone to co-plan meetings, lesson plans and events.
i need someone to assist in shopping
i need someone to manage the finances and keep detailed records
i need someone to keep the badge records and update them weekly
i need someone who can take over in my absence
i need someone i am comfortable with their ability to teach interactively
i need someone willing to be active with the kids.
i need someone willing to learn from the kids.
i need someone to help foster leadership
i need someone to advise on sensitive personal issues for the kids
i need someone to advise on higher awards (silver, gold)
i need someone who is willing to spend more than the time IN the meeting each week.
And each thing can be covered by a different person.
we are in fact a team.

i need reliability, accountability, and dependability above all.

i need someone who is also independant and can make responsible decisions on their own.

If your hearts not in it, thats okay. just don't toy with me, don't string me along.
I mean, i can find people to help, but i need the people who are going to work with me to actually work with me. If i know ahead of time i can plan accordingly, but to flake out last minute is a ball-less move. Sorry, but why when you have been told JUST LET ME KNOW AND ILL MAKE ARRANGEMENTS, would you STILL not let me know, and leave me stranded, unprepared, BREKAING THE LAW because i dont have backup, and short-handed.

I'm getting the feeling i should have broken this into 2 blogs.

I should probably hop off here, bitching just makes me remember more things i'm irritated with.

maybe i'm too forgiving. I mean just because i say its ok, maybe it's not. maybe i should be like no bitch, its not ok you didn't show up. instead of its ok THIS TIME, just don't let it happen again. maybe then people wouldn't blow me off.

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