Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 day challenge-Day 1

I decided i'm going to do some challenges here and there. To start i'm going to do a 30 day getting to know me challenge. I am not sure who originated the list i'll be working off of, but i've seen it in multiple places so... thanks whoever you are.

Now, tomorrows monday and we all like to start our new projects monday morning... diet starts january 1st right? i dont believe in new years resolutions because i think that's just a socially acceptable form of procrastination and i'm trying to NOT procrastinate. Tomorrow never comes.


Day 1: 5 ways to my heart...

well this one's a little difficult for me and i am not sure why...

1: be comfortable with yourself. Be honest with yourself about who you are and know your strengths and limits.

2: Challenge me. I thrive most when challenged by others. It pushes me further, past my previous boundaries.

3: don't try to control me. Don't ever tell me what i can and cannot do, it's a sure way to make me do it anyway.

4: support me in all my endevors. I have many goals and interests and things i want to do. Don't dimish it, just support me.

5: Be handy. Know how to do something. Whether it's make an awesome dinner or fix the plumbing, know how to do something relevant to daily life, and contribute.


Adorably Dead said...

Woohoo you're blogging more! I like this list. Very smart.

Jess-Jess said...

Thanks, i'm trying! Weekends are the hardest part.