Saturday, September 17, 2011

insomnia mania

So i can't sleep.
technically its 2:30 AM on saturday. Friday i essentially got nothing done. No pics edited, no listings listed, no blog posted and no facebook update. Why? because i went to the store and by the time i got back it was time to leave again... so much for setting aside assigned time to work on this stuff!

Anyway, i wanted to share what i got goin on.

I made these little harry potter charms/pendants a while back, i just wasn't sure what to do with them. I was trying to get them earring sized but alas.... they would be mis-matched earrings since i'll never get another set the same size.

What should i do with them?

They are about an inch tall.
They would make awesome necklaces....

or earrings. Think about it... Dumbledore/Snape Harry/voldemort Ron/hermione... and no one wants draco.... lol.  OH LOOKIE... thats how i lined them up!

I just noticed the glare makes harry look one eyed. I assure you it's there. you know what's not there? HIS GLASSES!!! i envisioned him without glasses in the clay, and simply i wasn't puting many features on. but now i find he looks odd... maybe i'll fix that!

I'm still open to suggestions.

sometime in the wee hours i did manage to get this dollie listed!

you can find that link here

I am also looking for set up ideas for a bazaar. Maybe a future post...

now maybe i'll get some sleep, and start this all over again in the morning!

nighty night!

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