Tuesday, September 27, 2011

it counts... because i havnt been to sleep

i know i know... day 2 of a 30 day challenge and i'm already late right? well no, because i got home late and instead of typing this as 10ish... it's 1:30is...

blame the scouts.

So today is Challenge day 2: something you feel strongly about

well since today IS my most stressful day of the week i'm going to go with:

people need to stop thinking they are the center of the universe. and yes, i feel strongly about it.

Dear C, the sun does NOT shine out of your daughter's butt. I also think that you sincerely have Munchausen by proxy. you fabricate stories about your daughter to try to get a rise out of me, when you don't get it you broadcast your 'private' info to everyone until someone goes OMG tell me more. Your daughter clearly plays along to GET your attention because she wants you. She needs you. She doesn't have a headache until you TELL her she doesn't feel good. She likes her hot dog just fine until you tell me she likes it burnt. Then she goes away hungry because she thought that's what you wanted from her and she couldn't eat it.

Dear B, little b is just like you. don't tell me that little b isn't used to 'these kinds of girls'. baby YOU ARE one of these girls and i'm sorry but go away.

Dear J, your ass, get off it. you aren't better than the others who also want a break. Why don't I get a break? Why don't I get to sit down? why dont I get to eat my dinner when it's convenient? no... i get to eat while running around setting up, helping other, answering questions that in theory... by now... my CAT can do this stuff.

Dear A, you are lazy. you think you are too good to do half the work of everyone else. What's with that? Also... whats with name calling everyone else?

Dear V, you work a 20 hr a week job. Guess what, i work a 50 hr a week job called college. You make good money. I make none. I craft as a business in which i am attempting to run successfully. You craft as your 'me time' 'down time' 'awake and not at work time' also... how can you ALWAYS be the last one to clean out the litter box? ALWAYS? when i'm SO sure i've cleaned it since you, maybe not as the last person but SINCE you.

Dear K, guess what... you annoy me more than anyone else on the planet. you aren't so special you need 4 women to wait on you hand and foot. I'm not your maid. I'm not your cook. I'm not your anything.

Dear L, get over yourself. notice what you DIDNT get from me... the one thing you were so sure everyone was going to give you.

Dear L, why do you intentionally make a big deal out of small things just to have others coddle you and make you feel better. stop it. Your not new to the group anymore and this crap needs to stop. You are not so special that you need everyone you interact with to stop what they are doing and baby you. I'm not gonna carry you through life. I taught you how to walk now stop sitting on the floor throwing a tantrum. Get up and walk

Dear F, how come the only reason i ever hear from you is when you need something? are you so darn good you walked away from your family? oh... how nice, i can call you? well you know what? i dont have your number and mine hasn't changed in 30 years... and you've had it memorized that long.

So guess what... I got to rant AND fulfill my challenge! I feel strongly that people need to be more humble! Stop being full of yourself people.


Adorably Dead said...

All of these are me aren't they? XD lol. J/ke. :p

Jess-Jess said...

no, sadly each person is different, and since this post i've thought of several more things to say to many more people