Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 3-a book you love

well now... i havn't read much else besides text books for a few years and it's really killed my love of reading to the point where i find difficulty in reading. I've been reading Jane Eyre for 3 months now and am barely reaching the mid-point... don't tell me what happens, netflix taunts me enough reminding me every time i turn it on that it's waiting in my queue for when i finish the book.

I will have to say my all time favorite book is the True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. I don't know why but this book has stuck with  me, and the only book other than the Little House series and Harry Potter that i have read more than once. This book is about a girl's comming of age story, when she starts as a lady on a boat and through a series of events goes from daity high society girl to rugged ship captain. When she put her dress back on and meets her parents on shore i just remember her mother's horror that her hands looked like they had seen work, and her skin too much sun.

i love comming of age stories, i dont know why, and i didn't realize it until i watched so many movies netflix created that as my most popular genre. I also love socially defiant women who push boundaries and live life for themselves, finding their own passions.


Adorably Dead said...

That sounds like an awesome book.

Jess-Jess said...

omg you should read it. It's one of those comming of age teen stories, it's not a long read, and it's no Jodi Picoult but it stuck with me.