Sunday, November 13, 2011


So i've been having hair issues my whole life. WHY? because i'm a white girl with curly hair.

WHAT?!?!?! lots of white girls have curly hair?

yes, yes they do. and most either have a good curling iron, and expensive perm, or dried out frizzy curls.

I loved jessica alba's hair in dark angel, before she went blonde and straight. WHY? BECAUSE THATS WHAT MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE. or could look like. Her natural hair is about the same sized curls as mine, but mine's a frizzed out, dried out mess. and hers is gorgeous.

the secret i was given in high school by a girl who's hair i was SO jealous of , was to use products designed for black hair. Problem? I don't know anything about black hair regimen!

Also, the problem was that she had hair like mine but straightend it. I have to know why everyone wants straight hair. am i the only one who loves their curls?

2 out of 3 of my closest friends have curly hair, 1 is my roomie who has beautiful tight curls, that are a little dried out, but she takes better care of her hair than i do right now. The other could also use a little moisture on her gorgeous curls, and her grandma gave her some palmade last year but that can run expensive unless you buy it on etsy in bulk. I was NEVER taught to care for my hair. my mom taught me to brush it dry and never wet. I caught on that this was BAD, but no one knows how to take care of curls in my family (except how to fake them)

and i look at my becautiful black friends who have rich, shiney curls, perfect curls. and they want to perm then straight. WTF?

I'm also looking to cut my hair into something that works WITH my curls so i can show them off more! i have had my hair pulled back in a pony tail my entire life except for a few days here and there.

I need a fairy hair mother.

while this isn't the best, this is my hair, i've had a problem with my curls being weighed down and losing thier shape as the day goes by, you can see my frizz, and also... my hair is getting thinner and it's changing the shapes of my curls.

what's the best way to add moisture daily?
what's really best to wash it? I don't wash my hair every day but how often shoud it? onces? twice? a week?

How often do i deep condition?

and WHY the heck does this stuff need to be so expensive? $8 shampoo isn't gonna fly with me, unless it's a super large bottle. (<--- broke college student ready to graduate with no chance of getting a job and ALOT of student loans to pay back!!!!!! )

also what's the best cut to show off my curls?

Leave me comments with tips please!!! my hair thanks you.

PS. i'm also looking for new blog topics... 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

worst blogger

i have got to be the worst blogger EVER. i lasted a week in a 30 day challenge and even failed in an attempt at catching up!


so i'm taking requests for questions to answer for these mindless rambles. Leave some random questions in the comments and i'll turn them into blogs!