Monday, June 13, 2011

Ah... Summer

the time for popcicles, swimming and sunburn. Well let me tell you, here in Baltimore it has been so hot no one is swimming. it hit 100 degrees before the end of may. Today seems to be a beautiful day though.

Last night we had our awards ceremony for scouts. It was so lovely. Half of the kids were missing however.
As a thank you a parent/fellow leader gave me and Jessie a gift card to the local craft store just for our etsy shop! how awesome is that!

I just posed these earrings

and i've had a lot of people add this to their favorites recently.

I'm also getting the hang of twitter. Although i'm not sure i know how to link my twitter to this blog so you can follow me easily.

Jessie bought the Ultimate Sweater Machine. I can use it just fine, she has a little more trouble. Okay, alot. But she knows how to knit, and I have difficulty balancing the needles. I only use it because i love to make these purses and Jessie is too busy to knit me up some stuff right now.

I'd like some opinions about these knitting machines. Some say they wont buy stuff made on one, because it's not handmade. However I believe it is handmade, i'm just using the loom as a tool to hold the yarn for me. I do all the sewing and embelishing by hand also.

also, my labels and tags on this blog are really messed up. someone help me

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