Thursday, May 12, 2011

I wrote this for you!

So I was in class, and I couldn't think about whatever ramblings the novice presenters were trying to teach me.

So i was thinking, like my daydreaming ADD self does A LOT

last week, one of my scouts missed a meeting. It was her sisters birthday. Her sister died in a tragic car accident about 3 years ago.

So I send the weird, random gift i made her to school with her friend, another scout. A treasured scout who happens to have been a 1st year brownie my SR year in high school, when I was an LIT.

She said 'how come you never give me anything like this' and i thought.
I dont.
I've done it for her best friend, both sisters that came before her.
but not her.
because i dont ever ever ever want her to grow up and leave.
I'll admit, i take her for granted. I love her to death (in a weird, non creepy way, but in a girl scoutly sisterly way)

I was thinking if I could say anything to her, what would i REALLY say?
because tomorrow doesn't always come.
I dont want her to go off to college thinking I never thought as much of her. When actually i treasured her more.

so I wrote this, and it doesnt being to encompass who she really is.

You are a phoenix
every time you fall
you come back stronger

you have a fire within you
bright, always shining
never burning

you have a poetic elegance
a healing grace
an unchained spirit

you have broad wings
strong in flight
light in the air

you are constantly reborn
refreshed, renewed

You answer to no other
uncaged, free
beauty unmatched

you leave everyone in awe
always challenged
never dominated

you are majestic

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