Friday, May 13, 2011


So the countdown to the LAST Harry Potter movie is on.

I was surfing around ETSY one day, looking for teams to join and lo and behold... no HP team?
How did that happen? especially when so many artists sell Harry potter items.

So I decided sure... i'd start the team...

turns out, out of all the teams i've founded (i believe i'm up to 3 now) this one is the only on REALLY taking off!

you can find is here:

I think i'm going to roll with it. REALLY trying to make this store as much of a success as i can and part of that is building a solid community around me.

I am also simply tickled when i look at the user names of the people who joined! i've has the same SN since i was 14 (i'm 27) and I don't think I could think up another one if i wanted to. I cant even name my pets. I had a fish named FISH
and hedgies from a rescue and they came with names already!
sheesh... someone help me if i ever have kids! I'll name them kid 1, and kid 2, and get them those sweatshirts from ocean city that look like something from Dr. Seuss!

i just looked at the preview for this post... realized its friday the 13th, and probably the BEST i've felt in a while...

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