Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pretty Little Train Wreck

As I sit here watching Netflix reruns of pretty little liars, about to fall asleep and second but can't because I have to go catch up on some training for my day job, I flip flop on major life decisions. To move away or just move out? That is the question. 

I have an opportunity to move 8 hours away for a few years. But I'm not sure ill be able to further my education there. It's rather isolated of. A town. I also have hesitations for the loving arrangements. 

I turn 30 this year. I need to make some changes in my life but I don't know if its the right choice. It's a really hard decision. I always planned on this move when the time came. But I didn't count on not having people to rely on at home. I built up a program and its hard enough to let people HELP me but now I can't even rely on someone to fill out a piece of paper. How am I supposed to walk away from something that means so much to me? Children who mean everything to me. I've had both adults and the children tell me that if I leave the kids will leave and the program falls apart. I can't walk away. And I plan on comming back. But at the same time I need distance from other parts of life and I want to go to be with my friend. If i go I have to leave my job where I'm doing great. I have to KNOW this program will be okay and that I will be able to return. Any thoughts?

As a side note... This is hilarious 


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