Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring is here... kinda....

in the last 30 days we have had snow, then mother nature through some 90 degree weather at us for a few days, then it rained for a while and now if actually feels like spring. right now. This is Baltimore so wait an hour and it may change.

We have a photo shoot planned for today. We are going to bring you some new items to look at in our shop. i have been slacking, as usual. i have items not listed but i'm not sure how i expect to sell anything if it's not listed.... but life happens. we have a new person living with us for the next few months and space is a little cramped right now. that will call change soon enough.

we are running into a dilemma though. if any business partners can let us into some insight here please give us any advise you may have. We want to continue our business. However jessie and jessjess MAY potentially be splitting up and living in different cities (and states) while Jessie completes medical school. That being said if i don't move with her, what advice would anyone have on keeping the shop going? she does all of our crochet and knitted items. and half of the clay. i do all of the buttons and half of the clay and the majority of the marketing. I think it can work but i'm not sure about things right now. We want to continue the shop. And i want to make it bigger. We put in for Otakon again this year, fingers crossed we will get it. If not, i will have to look at craft fairs appropriate for our style of goodies.

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