Saturday, December 11, 2010

Clay and bits of yarn

Now, I consider myself to be the business end of our business. Jessie wants to just create, and doesn't really want to know about all the goings on in the business end of it. That takes a considerable amount of time to photograph, describe, and list all of our items. I solely make the buttons really, which is all we've really sold.

to make a button is alot harder than you would think.
sometimes I can spend an hour designing a button, that only has a simple phrase on it. I'm picky about my fonts and how it looks. That doesn't even inclue those with graphics. THEN i have to proof it, print it, assemble it, scan it, list it, advertise it...

jessie is busy creating all her christmas gifts right now, and i've been trying to photograph it along the way... but she goes so fast I can't keep up!

she's also branching out, as a kid she completely build her own dollhouse, and now she's getting back into it with sculpey clay. Let me tell you, she doesn't think she's artistic but she sure is.

If anyone has any sculpey tips we are sure up to them...

or if anyone can recomend a good disital point and shoot so I can stop borrowing my sisters after mine broke....

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