Saturday, March 31, 2012

wait... it's april?

How the hell did it get to be april so fast? easter is next week!

so i'm thinking about getting an ipad. not the new fancy ipad 3. but the ipad 2. with 3g. see, i sit at work sometimes, having a little down time and i feel like i could be more productive. and since i have completely not had time for blogging or my shop since i found a job (mostly because of inconvenient timing) i thought it might be something to think about.

i almost impulsively bought one the other day but decided to hold off. and in that time i've discovered that while the new ipad is good, and better screen, it eats more power, and would use more of my 3g when i was using internet. it also has reports of running hot and i'd be perfectly happy with an ipad 2 and never know the difference.

so easter bunny.... if you're out there reading this... i'm sure an ipad is out of the question but what about a lovely hard core otterbox case? huh?

2 comments: said...

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Jess-Jess said...

thanks, just as an update, i use the ipad 2 more than my laptop now. it's the best.