Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday again...

New week, new goals.

Haven't had any sales in a week. I know this isn't drastically detrimental but I really want to boost sales. I want to earn enough to at least get back the $$$ i put out to get started.


Any ideas on promoting? Any suggestions on the shop?

Any buttons you would like to see?

I have a file of about 1000 buttons i'd like to make. It doesn't really take much to make a button. But i'm a perfectionist. The colors, graphics and fonts have to be JUST RIGHT. I think the font really makes the button. It's a limited space to make a statement. It can take me hours to get ONE button done. A button without graphics, only words, can take about an hour to design and prepare to print. Once printed all i do it punch and assemble it goes quickly. Its the ones that require graphics that i worry about. I have to have TIME and its annoying sitting at a computer all day. But I see it as me working. I may not have a paycheck from it all yet but i'm working towards it.

I can't always put life off until between semesters. because theres ALWAYS something going to be there.

What makes a button sell?
I don't have the money to post thousands of buttons to get higher sales but I need what i do have to start selling in order to be able to repost them later.

Well, i guess it will all work out.

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