Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I am having a particularly productive day. I finished all my school work immediately due. I worked on my paper due next week. I just wish I didn't live so far from campus or i'd go home and throw in some laundry or something.

I need to get some picks up on this blog. Not that ANYONE out there is following me. Which to be fair, I just started it up again. But i'd like to get some picks up to mark whats goin on.

While i'm having a mindless ramble JACKIE WHERE ARE YOU? you stopped by saturday to get your mail but you weren't at scouts monday and you havn't called or emailed with an excuse.

also, i just wrote a paper on if hospitals should admit their mistakes or not. and it got me all ranty about how much i HATE liars. and while i'm at it. I hate people who can't take responsibility. Why is your life and your screw ups NEVER you're fault? If you didn't follow the rules, didn't do what your supposed to. don't go blaming the system for screwing you. you're the one who tried to go AROUND the system and think your better than the rest of us and don't have to follow the rules. suck it up and do ur job, then you wouldn't have such a hard time getting what you need. do it right the first time.

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