Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

I'd like to start by saying Merry Christmas. If that's not your thing Merry __________ (fill in the blank). I am one of those people who find it more offensive to stifle people by not allowing them to say merry christmas, than hearing someone say merry christmas. I however chose the title of this to be happy holidays because I am now on my  3rd day of seeing people and having my christmas rotationals, but to you all it's a Tuesday. In my family we go every day christmas through new years and theres no name for it... just holidays.

I hope everyone out there in blogville is having a safe and happy festivious time of year.

I havn't been blogging like i wanted, because at this point i figured it better to wait. So i'm going to give you an end of the season summary.

I can't wait to begin recording videos and tutorials for crafty things, although i'm nervous i might give away my secrets lol. I need your help deciding on what to include in these documentations.

I am letting what few things are in my etsy shop expire, since it's the slow season right now anyway and money is too tight for renewals right now. plus it allows me to build up some awesome stock we are working on. So i'd love to hear what you want to see in the shop!

i'd just like to give props to Adorably Dead for calling her blog this blog has ADD. Because i believe both of our blogs truly have ADD, so i had to come up with a new name.

I'd love to congratulate Ms Holly Hoxter on her newborn baby. And while I DONT have kids, i enjoy hearing the ups and downs of new motherhood, because even the downs make me a little jealous these days. Also you should all buy Holly's book so her baby boy has a good college fund to look forward too lol.

So we did christmas on a budget this year, and made my mom a clay nativity since she collects them. She took it to a family thing last night and now i'm up to about 35 orders for them for next christmas. Can i just say I felt a little weird making the first one. It felt very wrong when Baby Jesus's head rolled across the table and got smooshed. Not to mention when the Virgin Mary kept falling on her back. Jessie felt the need to go to confession after that endevor. however now we have to make 35 more... can we get a hail mary up in here?

I'm not even catholic and i felt the need to go.


so anyone got any good new years plans? something i can come crash? Ideas you wanna see in the shop?

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