Friday, December 30, 2011

Shake a tree, collect the nuts

so i have since the day i was born (ok, MAYBE a few months later) been absolutely obsessed with my family tree. my mom's side of the family is very close, and a family get together is considered small if only 20 people show up. I remember being in the back seat in my booster seat on the way home from a memorial day picnic asking my mom who this was and that was... and how they were related to me. I knew everyone there was family somehow or another.

Well i have an extensive family tree. If you google my name (as we've all done a time or two) it takes you to a wonderful website Bob you are my hero. This is my paternal grandfather's mother's side of the family. no less than 1000 people on the family tree. but alas... Ms. Lillie Hayth also married Jesse Kessler.... Both families have been located in the same place in the same town since what i can only suspect to be the dawn of time. I have not had so much sucess with the Kessler's now back to my mom's side of the family. My mom is a Streett. Her grandmother was a Whiteford. Now my families are so large you can find a Street MD. a Whiteford MD. and a Hayth VA. we even have a house on the historical registry. I also have a little MacKenzie mixed in. Now, i'm not so worried that back in the day people married their cousins (twice removed) but i AM a little concerned as to who the heck is going to help me input all this info into my lovely computer program.

I also would like to know... who ISNT related to me because that's a much shorter list.

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