Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where can i find you?

Short answer? Anywhere.

Here is a list of where you can follow us if you are a fan. Some are used more than others, but don't dismiss something that looks like it hasn't been used in a while, new things are comming.

We don't want to bombard you, but we do want to communicate with you, where you are. So if we missed your favorite social media outlet, let us know, we may just live in a bubble and not know about it, or as an oversite, forgot to link it.

in most cases we can be searched for under jessie and jessjess creations OR jessjess385201.

I'll start with our blog. HEY GUESS WHAT!!! you can find us right here.  And we thank so so much for stopping by. This is a little more of a candid look into our lives and opinions on things. I am told no one reads blogs anymore, i think maybe they are wrong.

We have a youtube account, right now it has 1 upload, of my hedgie playing. There are no subscribers but we are putting together some videos now and want to use it. I love youtube. I watch it all the time, i like it better than tv.

I am most definately on pinterest.  i love it. I use it at work, I have a board with things from my shop, please check them out, and please visit my shop and pin other things as well. This morning i moved my pinterest from being personal, to from my shop. Basically my name changed, but we do alot with scouts and camping, always fun to see what people do in their 'real' lives.

We are on facebook. Here we try to keep the most up to date info on our shop. Whats going on, whats new, whats promoted. I wish people would be a little more involved on here. Visit us, comment, share, add fan photos, i'm on here almost daily, and get every notification instantly thanks to my ipad. Its easy for me to use this app at work, so it's a really easy way to contact us, and share ideas and awesomeness. And i don't constantly post 30 times a day stuff to buy from me like some fan pages do.

Shoot us a tweet once in a while, I love that theres limited characters. it forces people to pick their words carefully, and i dont have to read through rambles such as this blog post right here

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