Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Troubled Tuesday

Check out this new banner!
For all you photoshop users out there, I envy you. Not because photoshop is insanly expansive, but because I'm betting your program doesn't shut down on you every 5 minutes. We (Jessie) had the pleasure of taking a class in photoshop as a B.S. credit filler in college. Therefore, both NEEDING photoshop and getting a nice student discount. So of course we use it to design our graphics for both our shop and our buttons and things. But we have the misfortune of having photoshop elements 7, and my weird computer which for some reason today, decided to forget how to turn it's screen on today. Elements 7 has some well known glitches, but of the computers we have it installed on, mine seems to have the most problems. The program has shut down on me numberous times today. So for the last 5 hours i have been trying to update our banners in numberous sizes, not that hard, all relatively the same graphics just different sizes and arrangments, too bad that i've only gotten 3 done because this program wont cooperate. GRRRR. For all those who have an etsy shop, you feel our pain getting all this coordinated. For all of those who just shop on etsy, always be curtious to the shop holder. The probably put in enough hours to make it a full time job, with little to no pay for it, until their shop hits it big, and guess what.... most shop owners don't make it big, they do it for the love of their craft. So don't forget to stop by our shop, just to check it out, or find us on facebook and keep in touch with us, because not only do we BOTH work our day jobs, we put in 50 hours a week for this etsy business, no matter how frustrating.
PS, this little guy was very cooperative during our little photoshoot.

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