Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Been busy

Been a little busy. Its finals time.

I had a huge demand for LOST buttons. I've never seen the show but i hear its big. I made different designs, finally got the imaged ones printed.  Theres a few more left to do but its not that many, only a few inside jokes from the show, that I don't quite get.
While i was at it, i made some NCIS buttons. I have the prototypes for all the lost and NCIS buttons printed. in about 15 min i'm going upstairs to do some assembly. I like to see what they all look like made before I know which ones to market.

Things just don't look the same on a computer screen. I have to look at them finished to see what i like and don't. I think that's something  we are losing in this computer generation. I am only 26, so don't get me wrong, I have been using computers my whole life, but I can't sit at a screen and read. I have to have the paper in my hand. I think the ipad is a little frivolous but I could never own one. I can't even read the txts on my phone. If its longer than a few sentences... I don't read it.

so hint to friends: don't send me long txts.

Also, I had a thought. People used to be measured on their ability to recall phone numbers. When was the last time you actually dialed a phone? I mean punched the numbers in, one button at a time. How many numbers can you recall? I used to learn phone numbers really well. I would know phone numbers, birthdays, all kinds of number things. Now i don't even know my best friends phone number. Not due to lack of memory, although i'm sure my memory is degrading from not being used... but because i've never dialed her phone number. I didn't even type it into my phone. She called and I programed her name into the phone attached to the number. In a few years i've never dialed her number. Are we afraid to do things for ourselves? Or just too lazy to do something as simple as push a few buttons.

somehow i dont thing the creators of WALL-E were too off...

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